Amy Jennings has been acting professionally for over 15 years.  She took a long hiatus from acting after her 6th grade production went sour, as she was not ready for the audience’s reactions.  She then rushed offstage and smack into a woman claiming to be a movie star covered in more makeup than three Macys counter girls combined.   For years she was plagued with blue eye shadow nightmares.  Finally after two sessions with a therapist and an infinite number of makeovers she was reunited as an adult with her love of acting and hasn’t stopped since her rediscovery.
Her acting credits include roles ranging from a Shakespearian queen to a zany police officer, a Madame in a brothel to a quiet mousy secretary, a crack addicted schizophrenic to a young mom, a German grand duchess to a frontier nurse.   She has premiered over 15 roles in original works on stage and having only been in Hollywood for 5 years has over 15 film credits.   Amy is gifted with an extensive ability to take on whatever role she is handed and turn it into something exciting to watch.
Be sure to check out Amy's work in Yellow Rock starring Michael Beihn and James Russo, released November 2011 and her lead role as Officer Corson in the film Plankenstien which shot in Hawaii in 2009.  She can also be seen in her upcoming performance in the film Junk Alley.
Amy has been blessed with a 15 year career on stage.  Highlights include performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, receiving Critics Pick in BSW, training with the Moscow Art Theatre, and most recently training with Matthew Barry, Ivana Chubbick Studio and Upright Citizens Brigade. 
Amy just finished writing a rock opera for the big screen, which features all original music by her brothers and father, Rusty Jennings, Diq Diamond and Bill Jennings, keeping it all in the family.  She is currently shopping the production to several producers in the industry.  If interested in hearing more about the rock opera email her at  For bookings or other information please contact Shauntiel Lindsey with Beal Talent and Associates, 818-775-0018 or